You probably need more than 3 products and don't find the Pack that really suits you. In that case, please write us to indicating the delivery-pickup dates and place. We will help you in no time. 


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35,00 €

Yes, It is true! 35 euros for the whole holidays' stay. Delivery and Pickup included.   We need to know when you arrive and you go for delivery and collection but the price does not vary in this special offer: 35 euros! If you prefer, you can email us to for more information. We can also try to adjust the pack to your preferences.

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45,00 €

Choose the date of delivery and collection to know the total price

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65,00 €

(Choose the date of delivery and collection to know the total price) Mini Crib + Stroller + Flexible Tub, three essential products to feel at home this holiday. Apartment? Hotel? Camping? Caravaning? Is not it a problem for us ... is it for you?

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75,00 €

Ideal for babies. Rent these three products for an incredible price / week and enjoy the comfort you have in your own home. - Co-sleeping Cots - Baby Flexy Bath - Stroller

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